We basically started out as e-publishers, publishing an e-book which talks about the different ways to earn through technology. We sold more than 100 such books and the prices ranged roughly from $ 4 to $ 40. Shortly later, after realizing the popularity of our product, we got the idea of publishing a paperback magazine which speaks about every interesting and inspirational thing in the planet. But due to executional problems, and the heavy investment it demanded, we shelved the project for future. To launch such a magazine is the eventual goal we are moving towards.
In November 2007, we hired a skilled team of developers and designers, and infiltrated the IT industry. We got a couple of projects to begin with and we toiled for around a year with those projects, putting in our maximum effort. Unfortunately, only after a year, we understood that we were not heading in the right direction and became matured enough to realize that those projects have no scope of taking us to where we want to be in future.
This gave us the idea of designing our own products. We started executing all the innovative ideas we already had. One by one, our ideas took shape and here we are running our unique and noteworthy sites and serving thousands of clients from every corner of the world. The best news is that our greatest brainchildren are still in the development stage and once we go live with them, we are sure that those projects will be a unique blend of technical dexterity and innovative surge.

Our Integrated Timeline & Product Porfolio

Milestones we crossed, in our path towards the ultimate goal.

Worldleaks Launched

April 22, 2013

A huge web portal, which leaks articles about all the informative and trending topics of the digital world. Customize your profile and never miss an article of your interest.


April 3, 2014

Food, accessories, medicines, regular updates about training programs and health care tips, find everything you need for your pet, under a single roof.


April 25, 2014

Totdesk provides tailor-made CRM solutions to any kind of organization. It also provides completely customized sales and after-sales services to organizations.

Wetalktrade Launched

July 4, 2014

With a huge count of followers in Social media, WE TALK TRADE provides free forex signals to subscribers from all around the world, with unmatched quality and precision.


September 24, 2014

Open Source Managed Hosting Service is a unique platform wherein, one could overcome all the technical problems in accessing Open Source software.

Skill Archive

December 2, 2014

A portal to learn everything through videos. Choose the topic you want to learn about and find free video courses about everything, explained in a very simple way.

Our Core Skills

Happy Clients

Clients from all around the world approach us to get their ideas incarnated.

Aspiring Staff

We got a distinctive blend of experienced & enthusiastic team growing day by day.

Awesome Projects

Applications, Games, Designs, Upgradations, Innovations, etc., you name it.

Years of Experience

Moving closer to our ultimate objective, with every passing day with firm steps.

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