New Animated Watch Face – The Time Sailor

New Animated Watch Face – The Time Sailor

Set the Sun to Rise and Sail Your Days

It is you who always look for the new one, drive us to think and work for new ideas. Here we come with the new Time Sailor Watch Face. It is not static and the beautiful animation is ever changing.

The sun rise, the gradual movement of the day, the sun set, the rise of the moon and everything happens on your wrist.The day and night move with you and whenever you look back at the dial, you’ll sense the movement. It’ll be nice to see the continuous movement on your wrist. Isn’t?

In this fast paced life most of us are enclosed in places. Of course, we wish you great vacations! But, why don’t you offer yourself this little beauty?

Though it is static, the following picture shows you the glimpses of the sun rise, the noon and the arrival of moon.To experience and enjoy it yourself, down load it from here – Time Sailor Watch Face 


The Sailor

You can’t miss the ever moving sailor. He sails continuously and everything moves with him. Like you, he wants to be always in movement. You’ll stare at him for a few more seconds who sails the waves with rhythm and grace.

Just Tap The Time Sailor

To unlock the screen, just double tap on the upper half of the screen. The digits which shows the time, change its color to denote the unlocked status of the screen. To view the time in 24 hours format, just tap the bottom half of the dial once. To unlock, double tap the upper half once again.

You’ll feel happy to own such a beautiful animated watch face and going to tap it for appreciation! Own it now just by a click  here –Time Sailor Watch Face 

We follow the reviews and respond quickly. We also come up with regular updates. We feel happy to mention that one of our watch face, Time Gauge Watch Face has been listed in ‘handpicked watch faces by google’. It has also been placed at the top position in the digital watch face category.