Awakening Watch Faces – The Design

Awakening Watch Faces – The Design

How often do you look at your watch every day?

20 times? 50 times?

How many times do you look at your watch consciously?

I often look at my watch out of a habit. I don’t really notice the time, I just lift my wrist and look at it. The moment I drop my hand down, I won’t have any recollection whatsoever of what time it actually was. After repeating this a few times, I will then consciously look at my watch and notice the time.

Raise your hand if you do this too.

Why are we actually doing this?

The reason is that our brain gets accustomed to what we are doing and looses interest in it. It stops to interpret the usual things and searches for something new to decode.Though this is unavoidable, it is not healthy at all to feed boredom to the brain every day.How do we solve this?The first step of solving a problem is to identify the problem.

Here’s where the Awakening watch face comes into play.

The scientific reason behind The Awakening watch Faces‘ design is that it serves as a simple puzzle to be solved every time the user wants to know the time. The position of the arms and dials in the watch keep changing for every second. So whenever the user looks at it, (s)he needs to devote a moment for it and interpret the design to know what time it is.

How is this helping?

When you feel like you are have been penalized with death by boredom or even worse, when you lie to yourself that you love what you are doing, it simply means that you are doing something which is not going to take you anywhere in life. You must stop what you are doing and start working on something you are passionate about.

Simply put, if you look at your watch face actively in the middle of your work, and solve the puzzle in an instant and return back to the work, then keep doing whatever you are doing. But if you look at your watch, frown, then look at it again for a long moment and seriously wonder what in god’s name is that thing running in your dial, before you figure out the time finally, then its time to stop doing whatever you are doing.

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