24/7 Banking service in your mobile!!!

24/7 Banking service in your mobile!!!

Bank Manager App – Collect all your financial accounts at various banks in a single place. Here you can add number of banks as you wish and this app displays it with an enticing design. Simply act as 24/7 Banking service

Although there is an app for all respective banks, it swallows our time by switching from one bank to another right?

What if all bank show up in single place with 24/7 availability? – Sounds great!!! Then go for it

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Just One Ring

Sometimes when i get finished my last transactions or online mobile recharge, online payments then i hold my phone for few minutes to receive the messages from respective bank. Many of us have done this. But the messages will be delayed or we won’t get messages from the respective banks. No worries, get your messages in seconds by just giving a missed call to respective banks through Bank manager app – 24/7 banking service.

Treasury for more than one chronicles

You’re going throughout your days with a lot of busy work and a crazy weekend with the families and friends and there you are in way into oblivion of your savings account details. It’s a crucial to keep track a bank account details but it’s annoying when having more than one financial account right? Just chill out and get rid of your oblivion’s with bank manager app

When having more than one financial account, then obviously inbox is filled with messages and we don’t have enough time for reading all those messages. It looks cool if the messages are scheduled by respective banks right? Bank manager will take care of it, once your bank is added it auto tracks your inbox and schedule your messages by the respective banks

Let’s Share and Access:

“Don’t let your time of being consumed by repeated process”. Save your account details, Bank details, Credit/ Debit cards details, IFS code for respective banks in a single place and you may access it whenever you need to share your account details with whom you want to share for the moment of transactions

Despite, it collects all our financial accounts from various banks in a single place we like to assist you with unique features – Get access to your respective banks, which helps you to make some kind of transactions, to know the latest updates of banks, to view the statement of your transactions etc…

Just feel a real banking service

Bank Manager is highly secured and 24/7 banking service availability where you don’t need to enter your bank login or password and it doesn’t store your passwords you entered for net banking. Just own a PIN number for app security. Information in this app is well scrutinized, mustered and collated by our dedicated team

EMI Calculator:

When we take loans the natural question that comes to our mind is how much would the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment)? – The amount received every month by the bank or any other financial institution until the loan amount is fully paid off. Most of us always consider the bank executives statements which they quote as EMI. Now know your EMI value at a time through Bank Manager App

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