4 Much-Needed Dashboards for Business Need to Track

4 Much-Needed Dashboards for Business Need to Track

Decision-making process is fully depends upon data becomes more vital with everyday but collecting data and analyzing it, would be completely different from understanding what to do with it actually. This makes the dashboards are so important for businesses to keep tract their data. Here we suggested the top four much-needed dashboards that every single business should be considering.

Project Management Dashboards

Every business might have different faces in their projects, but their core is to get the jobs done. You could definitely confuse yourself, once you grow bigger in your project status. So Project management is a patently needed element in every business. In a team of people, each employee would have a different working style. You cannot even think to manage or organize people to finish up the project manually. This situation leads you to pick out a tool to gather people and project altogether.

Trello is one of the easiest and good-looking project management tools to begin with. You can find more number of project management dashboards with impressive features such as notifications, time tracking, etc

Finance and Cash Flow Dashboards

The department of Finance is the backbone of every business. If you don’t have focus on the money, You aren’t actually concentrating where you must. Web-based accounting software such as Xero and Freshbooks, and even larger enterprise-level solutions such as Intacct coming with impressive dashboards with analytics pulled in from finance, accounting, taxation and other money rolling aspects of your business.

Customer Support Dashboards

Every business should have a customer support feature that could show your uniqueness among your competitors. A lot of customer support solutions out there such as ZenDesk and Help Scout give you organizing dashboards with analytics and insights to see through your process in customer service.

Marketing Dashboards

In the modern era, Marketing is the core that makes your product reach to the people. On the road, you keep on trying different marketing tactics, but you should know that whether those techniques are really working or not. It is really good to work with Cyfe, an all-in-one marketing dashboard which gives you a massive view of your customer data, web analytics, email and social media analytics.