The Cosmic Watch Faces

The Cosmic Watch Faces

We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself – Carl Sagan

The cosmos have always been a wonder. Albeit we humans exploit the limits of our best brains, for researches about the cosmos, we haven’t found satisfactory answers, even for some of our basic questions. We are still vague about how the cosmos was formed, for instance. There is not a single theory which has been accepted by everyone explaining the formation of the universe. Also, to this day we are not sure whether we are the sole critters of the cosmos. Such inability of ours makes us feel puny in spite of all the technological advances we have made and keeps reminding us that we are nothing more than a tiny speck of dust, in the cosmos.

“Man is but a foundling in the cosmos, abandoned by the forces that created him” – Anon

Even after knowing all these well-known facts, we still run around competing with each other, working so hard to taste success, trying to earn an immortal name. Why do we do that? Because, that’s the way it is. That is the way the world works. We take pride in introducing “The Cosmic Watch Faces” The design of the cosmic watch faces, is a successful integration of the beautiful cosmos and your simple daily needs.

Cosmic Watch Face

The Cosmic Watch faces bring all your important notifications to your watch face and enables you to use your phone only when it is really necessary. You can receive your contact notifications such as the Missed call & Message counts from your phone. Also, you can receive WhatsApp and SKYPE notification counts. This helps you keep track of your phone’s notifications through your watch and this considerably saves your time. You don’t have to take out your phone every time, to go through the notifications.

Apart from this, the Cosmic watch Face contains Phone battery status indicator, Watch battery status indicator, a magnetic compass and a 24 hour time indicator. Also, there are separate indicators for date and day. Cosmic Watch Face The cosmic background of the watch face rotates continuously (one rotation accounts for a minute) and keeps changing for every hour. With 3 backgrounds for each color variation, and 3 color variants for circle and square watches, the user receives a package of almost 18 different watch faces in a single package. The Cosmic Watch Face is a bundle of all your beautiful little needs with an out of the world (literally!!) design. Get the Cosmic Watch Face here. Visit here for more awesome watch faces.