Customize Watch face that matches all your styles

Customize Watch face that matches all your styles

Here it is folks a fully customizable watch face for you. The Tailor-Made Watch Face is for anyone who is getting bored to look phone often and for someone who got stuck with their busy work, not able to have a glance over the phone notifications. Tailor-Made Watch face make this as cinch and the beauty part of this watch face is it’s a customize watch face.

Wearing a watch lets you know the time at a glance. But, with this Tailor-Made watch face you can experience much more than that like viewing your phone notifications and even monitor your health. Just a tap, your watch face can change its design and reveal more information.

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Makes you feel amazing

A Tailor-Made Watch face lets you feel amaze with the way of your perspective. Nowadays, most of smart phone users having the “checking habits – repetitive checks of emails and other social media applications”. Well, it takes less than 30 seconds and were often done within 30 minutes.

On average it takes 34 times per day. Unfortunately, it eats up your time. Keep your phone away Spend a time with your friends and families, Live your life without missing all your important notifications. Tailor-made watch face also allows you to toggle between your favorite messenger apps like Telegram, Hike, We Chat and Skype. Customize your mailbox settings in your preferred account to be notified first.

Create your own customize looks every day

A Tailor-Made watch face utterly depends with your own style. So now, it’s time to create your very own custom style every day. There are five default face colors and you can also pick your own favorite colors of your choice from a color palette for icon and dials. Tailor-made Watch face is with many widgets which monitors you continuously and gives you worthy readings to watch.

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Excited about hearing all the features?

Wait, Wait!!! We still have more for you

We are also concerned about your health so that you always stay fit and healthy every day, it simply tracks and displays your heartbeat rate and number of steps you have walked which can give you a healthy routine. It also holds the phone and the watch battery status along with date and day. Also get to know the weather of your current location. You can always turn on or off these features as you wish. Though, it differs by its unique features, also amaze you with its classic look and design.
Go ahead and give it a try and Stay connected for stunning watch faces!!!