Global Timer Watch Face – Time to admire the world!!

Global Timer Watch Face – Time to admire the world!!

Be on Time:

Being on time is crucial in everywhere. The people who are all on time are the people who moved to higher position in organizations. Now, keep moving forward with Global Timer Watch Face.

“Punctuality is one of the cardinal business virtues
– Don Marquis”

And that’s not only for business, that’s for real life too. Being on time will lead you to a successful life. Here, Global Timer watch face lets you to be on time for your scheduled meeting, around anywhere in the world. Just a glance is enough, no need to do a Google and changing the time zones for another country.


 Let’s see how?

Here you’ll be able to see three different countries times, date and month at your wrist. In the middle it’s just simply display with home city time, date and weather of current location and two others at the top and bottom can be customized as per your preferred regions. You can pick those time zones from any part of the world that you wish to view.

Elegant watch face Look:

Global Timer watch face brings splash of colors as Black, Blue, Brown, Gray and White for an elegant look. You can change it based on your mood and occasions. Now, see the whole world with your favorite color in your wrist. Though there is an enticing design and amazing colors we also have taken care with little more. Here, always stay alert with both your mobile and watch battery status.

watch face

Despite the Android watch faces with various time zones in the market, it provides a complicated view over time zones. We have look into this and work more on design to get a best view of various time zones in a glance. Here it is, in the most elegant way such that it’s easily recognizable. Here we combined three country times in a single view. And as always with our watch faces, it simply occupies little of your device’s memory which saves your battery power

Download it now to admire the world in your Wrist!!!