Goosebumps Faces – The Beauty of Scare

Goosebumps Faces – The Beauty of Scare

Love to be scared?!

Most of us love the effects of adrenaline and other hormones. Thrilling events,  exciting incidents, scary moments, adventurous activities and such things get us out of the routines. Though everybody wants to lead a normal life, why most of us want to enjoy the fear and the ‘fight or flight’ situation? The psychology behind this is a vast subject with finer details. To put it simply, ‘We enjoy the sudden excitement!’

Scenic places, Flowers, Children, Kids ,Wild life and Natural and Man made beauties are abundant in number which makes our life beautiful. But many artists also explored the dark side of the beauty and most of the time they came up with a master piece. 

gooose bumps watch face

The Watch Face for Daredevils

goose bumps watch face

When the Halloween approached, we also planned to explore the scary ideas. We made a watch face with the images of Skull, Spider,Bat, Halloween Pumpkin and Ghost Mask. The result is a stunning ‘Goosebumps watch face’.

On Halloween, people let loose the ghosts. But the day ends with complete fun. Like that, the watch face came like a beautiful craft work on a black crystal. Have a look at  Goosebumps faces. It looks like a perfectly etched craft. Isn’t it?

We are sure that this Goosebumps faces would be one of your lovable collections.

If you are a ‘Normal is Boring’ type, this watch face would give you the amusement you always seek. Download this now and keep your little mischievous smile!