Maximize your sales using the best retail POS

It is important that you should be aware of what you are selling to your customers, how it is sold, the way you accept payments on your sale and the total revenue you are making at the end of the day from your retail business.

Make Sales Offline

Now you can make sales without any interruption. You can continue to make your sales and print bills even when your internet connection is offline, all the data will be synced automatically over the internet when connectivity is established back again. Thus, using the best retail POS, you never miss any data even when you are completely offline.

Easy Billing

You can now generate your customer’s bills easier and faster than ever using the best retail POS. Just enter the item code or get the item data & description using a barcode reader. Also, you can put some bills on hold and continue with the new bills and switch back to it later, so there won’t be any delay on billing your customers.

Payment Flexibility

You are free to accept any type of payments from the customers now. Payments can be made through anyway such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, cheque, gift cards or any combination of payment methods using multi-payment option. Find new customers and increase your revenue with gift cards.


Showcase your products over online to allow your customers to order and book their favorite dishes. You’ll never have to manage product info and photos on multiple systems again. No need not have to be an expert to run an amazing online store. Just feed in the HD photos of products and give in the details and see they appear online in a most appealing way to the user.

Implement Effective Control Over Your Cash Flow

Cost control plays the vital role in determining your business growth, in order to take your business to the next level you should have a clear idea about the cash flow within your retail business and implement a better cost control measure.

Reduce Waste and Theft

Making the best use of inventory management and tracking the cost involved in the manufacturing of a product, you can reduce the wastage of raw ingredients. Now you can easily prevent the wastage of your in stock materials as well as stay aware of your disappearing stocks as every single thing is monitored by IG Central and is shown to you via easily understandable graphical reports.

Purchase Order Management

Since all the products you give out on sale and the current stocks in the inventory is precisely recorded and monitored by IG Central, you can easily make the purchase of products that is necessary alone and avoid wastage of expenses on the products with less value or interest. Easily understand the hot selling products and make purchases before the stock expires when you get notified about the out-of-stock alert.

Staff Scheduling

Prevent spending too much on labor costs now easily using IG Central’s centralized monitoring. Now you can easily identify the required labor to carry out a particular task in time and schedule only that amount of labor to carry it out. By maintaining a proper management you can save the cost of unwanted labor and can grow up your business and meet your customers’ needs effectively on time.

Future Goals and Forecast

Making use of the IG Central’s comprehensive reporting you can concentrate fully on your business growth. Easily identify and eliminate the dark zones in your retail which causes you loss and start generating a much better revenue from your retail business. Start forecasting your business growth and sales using the precise reports of IG Central.

Be like a Boss gaining control over your business

Whatever you do to improve your business would result in vain if you don’t have a proper management. Gain complete control over the expenses made, staff performance and scheduling, inventory items and customer portfolio easily.

Smart Spending

Never drop a single penny out of your pocket in vain. Track each and every single cost you spend in the making of a product or commodity. Get a clear picture of what all the raw materials or items you have spent on for the preparation of a final product for sale. Easily get to judge the best pricing for your product on sale using the best retail POS.

Focus on each employee

Get a view of all your employee details along with their roles and position in your workplace. You can view each and every employee’s active status report and their contribution towards your business. The payroll calculations are automatically done and is shown to you. Manage and allocate staffs for every task much easily.

Largest to the Smallest

Don’t Waste your precious time on Managing the inventory. Just Set it up once and we will keep track of it for you and alert you when there is a need for you to look into it. Whatever may be the size of inventory, we can take care of it. You will be alerted when a stock is running low and also you can get the purchase order generated automatically.

Greater control

Product Management maintains real-time information on stock levels, recipe ingredients and prices, as well as theoretical reports by using a unified database. Real-time inventory variance and cost data deliver the information to solve critical issues. It is much easier to add new products or modify an existing one with the help of item modifier or barcode scanners. Make a new recipe and broadcast it in no time.

Engage Your Customers

Grow up your relationship with your customer by keeping track of your most frequent visitors. Recorded their purchase history and personal life events like birthday and anniversary, you can treat them on those occasions with certain offers or discount on sale. Now you can easily stay in touch with your regular customers and offer a very good service and attract more customers to your business through them.

Advanced Reporting on Your Business Insights

Reports & Analytics are usually a boring one. But now you can easily view all your reports in a simple graphical representation that never spoils your mood, but gives you a clear idea about what is occurring in your retail store in real time.



Get a clear view all your retails at once using the mobile dashboard and learn how your stores are performing in real time. Make easy performance comparisons between your retails using the in depth reporting feature analyzing how each one of your retail is performing and what are your peak hours and hot sellers of the day in an instant. Remotely access all these details whenever you want.

Staff Report


Now you can easily monitor your staff’s performance in real time using the IG Central App. Get to view all your staff’s individual performances easily using our mobile app. Staff is a crucial thing to provide best customer service. So, track the each and employee’s performance of the day or in a week to know the staff who works hard in your retail and award him with a piece of compliment to motivate him.

Product & Category Wise Report

Product & Category Report

Easily view which of your products are performing well and generating revenue to your business and what else are just filling up the space. A clear idea about which products you can invest and which one you can drop out of your store can be easily decided based on these reports. Also, you can find out the possible ways to improvise the quantity and quality of the particular product to maximize its reach.

Hourly Report

Hourly Report

You can now easily picturize the peak hours of the week where your business makes most of your revenue using the hourly reports to see the performance of your products as well as staff during the particular course of time. Now you can also easily manage and allocate staffs as per your need during your retails peak hours and other usual occasion to offer better customer satisfaction and grow your sales.

Take your business to the next level

However you manage your retail business, there has to be growth in your business standards as well as in the revenue. We help you know about your retail business in depth and help you make better decisions to grow up your business.


IG Central is designed to assist you in all your needs. Grow your retail quickly, improve your product quality, create new products, bring more customers easily and easily manage your regular customers using IG Central. We always assist you to expand your business potential and help you in meeting your customer needs.

Happy Hour Sales
Happy Hour Sales

Easily get to know the hot selling product in your retail store and the best time to sell it in a day of the week using the insights given by IG Central and make better decision on improving your product reach to the customers. Provide special discounts and offers on particular times of the day to grow up your sales numbers.

Multi-Store Support
Multi-Store Support

Manage any number of stores around any part of the world easily from wherever you are, Also you can add a number of stores and monitor all those in one place. Manage your staff, inventory, reports and store sales data anytime, anywhere with 24/7 access using IG Central’s mobile app. Easily get to know what’s happening in your various retail shops in an instant.

Happy Customers
Happy Customers

Make your customers feel happy and also grow your business to the next level by monitoring the growth of your retail, in real time using the IG Central’s robust reporting. Easily manage a good customer relationship by monitoring the varying interests of your customers and offering them the best in class service experience to gain more frequent visits.

Exciting Features of IG-Central Mobile App

A perfect solution to monitor all your multi-store retail business in one place. Make smart and quick decisions based on IG-Central’s robust reporting, which can improve your business growth.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Get a complete visual of what’s happening with your business and how your retails are performing and compare their performances in real time.

Identify Top Sellers

Identify Top Sellers

Easily learn the most sold out product in your retail and the various customer interests towards it and try improving the quality and availability of it.

Easy Staff Management

Easy Staff Management

Now manage all your staffs with much ease and get to know more about your staff performance, salary, personal info and shift timings.

Know Your Peak Hours

Know Your Peak Hours

Based on the hourly report you can easily get to know the peak hours of sales in your retail and schedule staffs accordingly to offer better service.

Best Retail POS

Track All Your Sales

All your retail sales are recorded along with the tax charged and discounts done for every sale is synced to the cloud every now and then and is shown to you.

Cost Control Analysis

Cost Control Analysis

Getting a complete insight of all your spendings, Now you can easily avoid spending money on your purchase of unwanted products and their wastage.

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