Smarter Watch Faces

Smarter Watch Faces

Do you know how many steps, a person should walk to burn a single calorie?

The official website of “Shape up America” states that, to stay healthy, a person should walk at least 10,000 steps every day. But how could we track our steps? Though using a pedometer would be the obvious answer, technology has altogether changed the way of using it.Modern wearable gadgets, though have taken technology up by a level, have also opened the door for 24×7 health monitoring. Most of the Android Smart watches in the market are being released with, built-in health monitors such as Heartbeat counter and Step counter. We have used this technology and developed a Smarter watch face for your smart watches which would act as your round-the-clock personal health advisor.

The only problem in accessing these counters would be to open the widget in the watch each and every time, which most of the users are more unlikely to do, more than once or twice in a day. Whereas the Smarter watch face enables the users to see the health counter readings, every time they glance at the dial. This would help the user to track the number of steps walked and calories burnt in any given minute of the day. As for the heart rate counter, we are working on a feature which would generate a report about the stress levels of the user during different hours of the day, based on the pulse readings. It would be added to the app in our next update, shortly. For now, the pulse rate will be displayed on the dial.

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Though we have included a lot of data in the watch face, we have not made any compromise with the aesthetics of the design. As you can see, the design was crafted out with such passion to give a magnificent look to the device.

Also, unlike other applications with rich graphics, Smarter watch faces app was developed as a native app for Android Wear, so that it does not slow down or affect the performance of your device in any way. It occupies very little memory and does the minimal battery usage. In short the Smarter watch faces were developed with the sole purpose of adding more value to your android wear, without troubling the basic purpose of the watch.

To answer the question in the first line, according to “Shape up America”, a normal person on an average has to walk 20 steps to burn a single calorie.

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