Smartwatch – Relationship Advisor

Smartwatch – Relationship Advisor

How to turn your Smartwatch into a personal relationship advisor?

Yeah. . . You read that right. Relationship advisor.

First of all, the very obvious question. . . . How are we even going to turn a smart watch into a relationship advisor??

That was a kind of straightforward question and it pretty much sums up this entire blog.

Basically, we are going to install an app in your smartwatch, which would notify you everything about the person you are talking to for more than 2 minutes, making it easier for you to pitch yourself perfectly to them. Ta da “Relationship Advisor”.

Isn’t that a great idea? Indeed it is.

Unfortunately, I was kidding, we are not going to do that.

What we are going to do is a research.

We are going to analyze the rate of your heartbeat, every time you talk to someone and are going to arrive at a decision about the kind of relationship you hold with that person.

It’s an obvious fact that your pulse is directly related to your temper. The following charts give a better picture of that relationship and you can use them as your guide.

1) Relaxation: When you are in a state of complete mental and physical relaxation, your heartbeat ranges from 50 to 70 beats per minute. Though it is not very often that you meet someone who would make you so comfortable, everyone of us deserve such a person in life, if you know what I mean. So watch out for them.

Relaxation - relationship advisor
Concentration - relationship advisor

2) Concentration: If your heartbeat reaches up to 90 BPM and is completely inconsistent, that means that you are concentrating on knowing about the person you are talking to. Maybe someone new. There is no harm with such kind of people, and even if there is any, it is too early for you to decide over it. So wait until you get to know them better.

3) Appreciation: In this case, your heartbeat ranges from 50 to 80 in a very regular pattern. You can see that the path traced by the graph is a smooth curve, in a small range, which clearly indicates your appreciation for the person. Try to spend more time with such persons.

Appreciation - relationship advisor
Anger - relationship advisor

4) Anger: Things are getting pretty serious now. When your beat reaches anywhere above 100, you are bound to lose your Psychophysiological Coherence. You should take care that you avoid having a long conversation with such people, because you may snap anytime and that is not a good thing at all.

5) When you reach anywhere above the “Anger” level, you will not be needing a heartrate reading to decide about that relationship. Even if you did, you will not be in a position to decipher and react accordingly. Honestly.

So, having said all this, there is one obvious question, left to answer.

How can you know your heart rate every now and then, like twice or thrice in a minute?

Here’s where the Smarter Watch Faces come into play. With the smarter watch faces you can monitor your heartbeat, literally every second.

So, install the smarter watch faces and turn your smartwatch into a relationship advisor.

(P.S: We are developing a feature, which would generate a report about your mood shifts throughout the day based on your heartbeat reading. Watch out for the updates)