The Watch Face With No Hands

The Watch Face With No Hands

This time we come with ‘ The Watch Face With No Hands’. Amused? Just read more

From Day to Night, everything is time bounded and there is no way to escape the ever chasing Hour and Minutes hands. How could one forget the tiny but powerful ticking of the Seconds hand?

We have designed many watch faces and provided some  unique features. Now we offer you a smart solution. It is our ‘ Time Gauge Watch Faces’ . This complete digital watch face got rid of the ever chasing hands and provides you a novel reading of your time.

Time Guage Infographic

Have you seen the dial in the pictures? In this watch face, we smartly got rid of the conventional hands and you could read the time from the bars.

If you feel bored about the conventional time reading, just go for the novel way of time checking.  Check the features here -‘Time Gauge Watch Faces’

Stunning Designs

Time Gauge Watch Faces’  come with royal looks and elegant colors. You have many attractive options to make your dial adorable.

Many Colors In Time Gauge Watch Faces
A long press on the dial leads you to the settings and you can easily toggle between vertical or horizontal position by simply touching the ON / OFF button.

ON – Sets your dial in vertical position.

OFF – Sets your dial in horizontal position.

Set it horizontal or vertical, the way you like it.It is not just an  easy task, it gives you the option to get off from the monotonous settings. Just click ‘Time Gauge Watch Faces’

Time Gauge Watch Face Settings
Time Gauge Vertical/Horizontal

Other features

We never want our watch or phone goes blank. Isn’t?
This smart app always indicates the battery life of your phone or watch. Your battery life is continuously monitored by this watch face and it never lets you down. Feel safe.

Time is running out, Pal. Why don’t you go for a buy?

Get the desirable ‘Time Gauge Watch Faces’