Unique Watch Faces

Unique Watch Faces

You pamper yourself with the features of your new android smart watch, yet the watch faces make you badly miss the regal look and elegant design of your Tissot or Longines. Have you ever faced such a conundrum?
It is completely unfair to compare the chronograph watches with the android watches, in terms of utilities. Because, the time indication doesn’t fall even under the secondary utilities of a smart watch, whereas it is the basic purpose of a conventional watch. But they could be compared in terms of aesthetics and designs.
Despite the peppy and stylish look of the android watches, they cannot match the elegance of the classic watch designs from veteran watch manufacturers like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Mont Blanc etc., 
This was the challenge we took up and solved.

We successfully combined the modern tech-wears with the epic timepieces with our premium watch faces. We took inspiration from all the best designs of great watches and crafted our watch faces with extreme passion to bridge the gap between the hi-fi smart watches and the royal wrist watches.

It is an obvious fact that, personalized things like watches which we choose specifically, speak a lot about us, to the people around.They are the mediums through which we express ourselves to the world about the way we want us to be perceived. Our watch faces help you to do this with ease and efficiency.

For instance, one of our watch faces, the BLACK OWL has been designed for those business men and professionals who love to work through the night. Such nocturnal night birds always have a strong sense of appreciation for aesthetic designs in everything they use and they just love black. Which is exactly what we had in mind while we designed it.
watch facesThe Black Owl is available in 4 different skins, Red, Green, Pink and Blue.
Similarly, we have designed various such watch faces for all kinds of people, moods and occasions. Though we have crafted out every single pixel of our design we have also taken care that the Application on the whole, saves your battery power and occupies very little of your device’s memory. Every new watch face design will be updated on your device for free, as and when we release them.

Currently we have imbibed features like, Battery status, Date, Month, Weather etc. We are also working on integrating Heart beat counter, Step Counter and many more exciting features to the watch faces. Also, apart from the watch faces, we are also working on various other wearable applications which we will be releasing sooner that you expect.

We take great pride in serving people who savor aesthetics as much as technology – Get Now