Watch face with unique phone unlock counter

Watch face with unique phone unlock counter

Backlash Watch Faces 

Sure to stun you designs are ready to fire. The exciting designs of the dial, the perfect and unusual color combinations of the watch face  make every one to go for it instantly. It backlashes the existing designs and it would be difficult for you to choose one from the many attractive designs. We ourselves feel proud to present you with this exciting collection of watch faces.

Look Not Deceives Always

Beauty is worthy only when it adds value. These back lash watch face comes with many widgets which monitors you continuously and gives you worthy readings to watch. The heart beat counter and step counter are really useful as your health monitor. The temperature counter displays the temperature of your location at the time intervals you set. Only thing is you have to set your location settings in your phone. To avail all these features, click Backlash Watch Faces

The Unique Phone Unlock Counter

The Backlash Watch Face comes with the first of its kind and unique phone unlock counter. It shows the number of times you unlocked your phone. This reading would astonish you and be ready to be amazed.

User Friendly

Operations are very much user friendly. Just a long press get you to the settings.You can choose the widgets by selecting and swiping.You can also set off the  heart beat and  step counters  which saves your battery to a great extent.



Attractive designs

Though good features are included in this watch face, more effort was given for the designs. Many attractive designs  with stunning and eye catching colors are available for you to choose. The designs and colors are not just attractive and it has glow and gradient options which add more beauty to the dials.The curved and sharp options in the dial add some more interesting feature.


Are you entirely convinced?  Then it is time to order Backlash Watch Faces