It Has No Hands. But Climbed Up!

It Has No Hands. But Climbed Up!

Time Gauge Watch Face

The watch face with no minute/ seconds hands or digits has the unique way of reading time.From its release,it has been well received and earned good reviews.

Now, Google has selected this watch face and listed it among the ‘hand picked watch faces by Google’. It is the fourth one in the top row.

Have a look here Hand Picked Watch Faces By Google

One more minute, Please

We have one more good news to share. Time Gauge Watch Face is in the No:1 position in the digital watch faces category in the google’s play store. With your support, we are really moving forward.

Now Time Gauge 2.0

Not only receiving the good reviews , we have come up with the updated version.

In this version, scrolling is greatly minimised. Space is saved and you can set the dial in horizontal or vertical position by touching the single icon. Choosing the color of your dial is also made easy.


Look at the following picture.

Time Gauge 2.0 infographic

Time Gauge Watch Face

How to read the time

The following picture shows, ‘How to read the time in Time Gauge Watch Face’.

The big bars indicate the hours and the small lines indicate the minutes. It is like reading  pressure or temperature gauges in some mechanical set up.Science lovers would also love to read this.It is simple to read and novel to wear.

How would you know, whether it is day or night?   No need to worry. AM and PM changes automatically.

Battery life indicator, day and date indicators are included for your convenience.

We are very much delighted by the response of the customers and the rank given by the google.With the same enthusiasm we have come up with Time Gauge 2.0 and the updated version of Unique Watch Face. Many more attractive watch faces and apps are to be released.We expect the same warm response from you!

Excited?!  Download Time Gauge 2.0 from play store now.