A user sits at his/her computer to work on an assignment; what do you think are the odds for them to complete their work offline? There is probably no chance. The user is most likely to go online for some reference or supportive tools. A user is therefore on the web whenever they are at a computer.
This triggered the idea of merging the features of desktop applications with web applications. Developers at Inside Globe with professional experience in AJAX are handy with XHTML and CSS along with XML, XSLT for data manipulation and interchange. Our AJAX developers with their proven latest techniques ensure your needs are fulfilled with a high degree of efficacy.


  • Giving the best looking website with a page load time less than 4secs
  • We completely nullify the border between a webpage and an application.
  • Revisions of User Interface without any additional fee.
  • Make your webpage smarter and much more responsive with us.
Ajax Tools integrated with Eclipse helps us use Ajax techniques effectively. Editing debugging and monitoring CSS, HTML and Java Script applications using specific tools make us professionals in Ajax. We work our way to make your webpage more lively, faster, and respond almost immediately to user’s actions, without refreshing the page.