With This Watch Face, Feel like an Astronaut

With This Watch Face, Feel like an Astronaut

Space Armour Watch Faces

The new space armour watch faces are intricately designed to emulate the gauges in space crafts. It elevates your feeling and makes you feel like an astronaut. Though you are not going to wear and walk with space dress and armours, the Space Armour Watch Face would amuse the astronaut in you.Space crafts are not a common thing to be seen often. We see it in films or in T.V. This watch face is like a bit of a space craft you found unexpectedly. You would definitely love to wear this space armour watch face.

Health Monitor

Like a true armour, it guards and monitors you continuously, not leaving  even a micro second. It records your heart beat. It follows your walking and counts the number of steps. It serves you obediently and you are the master to look at the readings as you like. It is a real health guarding armour. Want to choose it from Space Armour Watch Faces?

Phone Unlock Counter

The first of its kind, unique phone lock counter records the number of times you unlocked your phone in a day. Though it not seems to be a great feature, at the end of the day you are going to be amazed by the result. Enjoy it. This watch face records the temperature of your location and you could set the time interval to show the temperatures. Check these features at Space Armour Watch Faces

The battery indicator shows the status of your phone and watch batteries. Day and date are shown.


Well Designed Dials

You have round and square dials and an array of colors to choose from.The well thought out and excellent designs, the numerous face color options and the square and round dials  make the watch faces more attractive.


Set out the astronaut in you and choose Space Armour Watch Faces before the count down ends.